TCB: Fast Facts

Fiscal Year 2021 Overview

Trade capacity building (TCB) plays a critical part in the United States' strategy to enable developing countries to implement the market-opening reforms necessary for trade agreement compliance and foster economic growth from increased trade and investment. The United States is the largest single-country provider of trade-related assistance (also called TCB).

The U.S. government's trade capacity building (TCB) obligations totaled $851m in FY2021,

with investments in 511 activities

across 96 countries, geographic regions, or trade groups.

Fast facts overview chart

Top Three Largest Funders of TCB-Related Activities

  • $479m Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)
  • $139m U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • $105m Department of Labor (DOL)

Top Three Largest Funders of TCB-Related Activities

  • $500m Trade-related Infrastructure
  • $120m Trade-related Labor

Increases in Funding by Agency


MCC +668m

Trade and Development Agency +13m

DOL +48m

Decreases in Funding by Agency


Department of Agriculture

Department of Commerce (DOC)

Department of State (DOS)

Total US Obligation Increase



The increase in total USG obligations can be primarily attributed to the obligations made under MCC's Senegal Compact.

World map highlighting regional investments

Regional Investment by Agency

Bilateral and Multilateral Assistance

Bilateral TCB assistance ($315m) between the United States and recipient states accounted for 84% of all TCB assistance, while 16% of TCB funding ($57m) was allocated to global, regional, and sub-regional programs.

Bar chart of trade capacity building funding by region and income group FY2021

With the exception of Trade-related Labor, funding in all TCB funding categories declined for FY2021, possibly as a result of disruptions in programming arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Note that the trends in U.S. Trade Capacity Building by Category do not include MCC obligations given that MCC reports all obligations under a single compact during the compact's first year, thus skewing category trends. While agriculture has historically been the TCB category with the highest funding, Trade-related Labor surpassed Agriculture as the largest category of TCB activities. The precipitous drop in TCB funding to Agriculture is due to decreased activities under the Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Services in FY 2021.

Line graph of trends in US trade capacity building funding by category in USD